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Printing Explained

With so much going on in the printing world we want to ensure that you make the best and most informed choice so browse through this section to get a clearer understanding of what conventional printing offers you today.

Preparing Artwork for Print

To prevent any unwanted surprises it is very important for all your artwork to be adequately prepared for print. read more »

Colour Selection

The differences between RGB and CMYK colour models. read more »

Ink Types

There are various ink types available for printing each with its unique set of pros and cons. read more »

Paper Types

Paper is not just a thin piece of material used to write on; it encompasses so much more. Have a look at the variety and textures that can be used and which purposes they serve best. read more »

Leaflet Folds

How your printed item unfolds it in a particular way for an impressive effect. Here are some of the most popular options. read more »

Binding Methods

There are various different ways to combine multiple pages into a single finished unit and the option you’ll want to choose will depend on your specific needs. Remember that the binding will add the final touch. read more »

Printing Effects

The Added Dimension Today, with the mass amounts of printed materials being presented daily it can be quite daunting to attract attention to your specific piece and capture those sales. What's so unique about Printing Effects is the fantastic way in which it attracts instant and sustained interest allowing your piece to truly steal the show. Add that singular dimension to your printing! read more »

Paper Finishes

Aside from the type of paper used, the finish is extremely important to create the desired effect. Read on to see how this is done. read more »

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