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The regulations concerning VAT and printing can be confusing. Let us explain...

Where printing is concerned the VAT regulations can be a little confusing.  Here you have it as clear as we could possibly present it to you.

For full details check out the HM Revenue & Customs website at:

VAT is added to stationery items (letterheads, compliment slips, business cards etc), postcards, folders, invitations, posters, tickets and greetings cards.

However, some printed matter is zero rated meaning that no VAT is added.  Most books, booklets, pamphlets and leaflets come under this category although with leaflets the following exceptions apply:


For zero rating all leaflets need to be of an ephemeral nature (designed to be read a few times and then thrown away) or be designed to accompany some other product or service (such as an instruction manual).

Exceptions include:

  • If the leaflet contains an area that needs to be written on such as a form to be completed and returned.  (Provided it takes up at least 25% of the leaflet space.)
  • To obtain admission to a premises such as "free entry with this leaflet" in which case it is classified as a ticket.
  • To be eligible for a reduction or discount such as "10% off with this leaflet" in which case it is classified as a voucher.
  • If the leaflet is laminated or designed for long-term use such as a calendar.
  • Leaflets printed on stiff paper or card may indicate a function that excludes them from zero rating but they are not automatically excluded.

We've simplified the details as much as possible but there's a lot more to it like the number of copies printed and finished size.  In a case of doubt we will refer to HM Revenue and Customs to decide if we can zero rate.

The only time Print It will settle for a zero is when it comes to VAT charges!

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